Students take a combination of courses at the University of Bologna and BCSP center. All instruction is in the Italian language. All courses are taught by Italian professors.

The Resident Director, Dr. Andrea Ricci, is the academic advisor on site. He helps students choose and enroll in their courses. He also oversees credit transfer between BCSP and students’ home institutions.

Students from BCSP member institutions earn residence credit from their home schools. Students from associate member and non-member schools receive an Indiana University transcript.

The Italian university system is different from the American model in many ways. For instance, Italian professors traditionally prefer lecture style teaching, and Italian students are remarkably self-disciplined in preparing for exams. While BCSP courses are taught by Italian university professors, their structure resembles that of an American college course.
As academic advisor, the BCSP Resident Director, Dr. Andrea Ricci, supports students as they navigate this new academic experience. He also maintains contact with the local professors that have BCSP students in their classes. During orientation students attend a comprehensive academic meeting with Director Ricci and throughout the semester participate in individual, and sometimes group, advising sessions. Students are encouraged to contact Director Ricci about their study plans even prior to departure. Once course schedules are finalized in Bologna, students agree that their assignments, readings and exams will be in Italian.
Students must satisfy the consortium established requirement of minimum 15 credits per semester (or a total of 30 credits for the academic year). Through advising students will understand how these credits are distributed between University of Bologna and BCSP courses, how grades are converted and how they will be transferred back to their home institutions.

See academic handbook for more information.