How to apply
How to apply

Students from BCSP member and associate member institutions apply through their home schools*. The application deadlines vary.
Students from non-member schools must apply through Indiana University by March 15 for the fall semester or academic year and October 1 for the spring semester program.

Applicants from non-member institutions should contact for application instructions.


In addition to students from BCSP member and associate member institutions, the program accepts applications from undergraduate students attending any accredited U.S. university, regardless of major field, as long as they have:
•    attained a cumulative B average or better and a B average in Italian
•    reached at least sophomore or junior standing when program participation begins
•    3 or 4 semesters of college-level Italian

*Please note that program eligibility criteria might differ for students from member and associate member institutions


Each BCSP institution sets its own fee to cover program costs. Students from member schools should obtain cost information from their home institutions, which will bill them for the set amount.

Other students pay Indiana University an academic fee of $32,577 for the 2024-25 academic year, $19,998 for fall 2024 or $19,998 for spring 2025.


Italian language and culture immersion.
Direct enrollment in University of Bologna.

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