The goal of the program is to assist BCSP students find housing alongside speakers of Italian, either in shared apartments or student residences. Living with Italian students helps BCSP students reach their goals, as described in the IU Overseas Study Bologna handbook:

  • Italian language acquisition,
  • Knowledge of Italian arts, fashion, food, history, literature, music, politics, sports,
  • Integration into the academic and social environment of the University of Bologna,
  • Personal development and growth.

Since there is high demand for housing in Bologna because it is a university city and quickly becoming a tourist destination, fall and spring semester BCSP students are strongly encouraged to arrange housing prior to arrival, whether on their own or with the help of the program. Annual students are better able to find their own housing upon arrival.

After admission, students will receive emails from the BCSP staff in Bologna about housing opportunities on a rolling basis, as opportunities become available. The housing offers are through housing providers, such as landlords or agencies and residences (dorm or apartment-style) that handle student rentals. Usually BCSP students have previously lived in these accommodations and had positive experiences.

Students are housed in a hotel nearby the BCSP office during the first week of the program as they finalize their housing arrangements.

Rental costs in Bologna:

Posto Letto (bed in furnished double room) min € 280 / month, max € 500 / month, plus security deposit and utilities.
Camera singola
 (furnished single room) min € 400 / month, max range from € 650 – € 1,000 / month, plus security deposit and utilities.
Utilities (electricity, heating, water, wifi, etc.) are shared and divided up between housemates and may be paid directly to the housing provider.

Rental calendar:

Housing providers are accustomed to the Italian academic calendar with semesters running from October-January and from February-July.  Therefore, fall students may be expected to cover January rent, and annual and spring students may be expected to cover July/August rent.