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March/April 2010, newsletter. N. 3


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Annual and semester students pose together for the picture above taken at the BCSP Pizza Party during orientation in January. From left to right: Nic Perfetti (Indiana University, sem), Mariella Stie (IU, sem), Clare Rosenbalm (IU, yr), Erin Leary (University of Wisconsin, yr), Allegra Sachs (Barnard College, yr), Alex Benejam (University of Illinois, yr).

A 'Pasta Making and Eating Evening' was organized at an agriturismo- or farmhouse turned restaurant- in the Bologna countryside. Students hand made different pasta shapes (farfalle, tortellini, tagliatelle) and biscotti with marmalade filling. Dinner was served in the barn- turned-dining room. Annual and semester students had the chance to bond while dabbling in a delectable part of Italian culture.

In the picture on the left, Kelsey Nelson (UW, sem), Tiffany Joslin (IU, sem) and Caroline Paganussi (Cornell University, sem) make butterfly (or bow-tie) pasta with a 'skilled chef' who grew up at the farmhouse.

This culinary experience has inspired the creation of a new BCSP course on "Anthropology of Food and Italian Identity" which will be offered in Spring 2011 by renowned scholar Massimo Montanari (Professor of Medieval History at the University of Bologna).

During their 3rd month in Bologna semester students notice exactly how much their Italian has improved and the progress made in adjusting to the culture. The annual students are well into their second semester at the UniBo and feel much more accustomed to the Italian university style of teaching and exam taking.



Read about Marc Campasano's (Cornell, sem) travel adventures, Italian family reunions and castle spottings in his humourously clever blog 'Full of Bologna. An American student's struggle against the metric system':

Since our last newsletter edition, Sky Dylan-Robbins (Northwestern University, yr), has created new episodes for her captivating documentary series: 'un'AMERICANAinITALIA'. Sky savors fine Italian chocolate at the Bologna chocolate show, reveals the real parmesan cheese, and uncovers the trade secrets to industrial pasta making:

Sky has been featured twice in the Bologna section of the national newspaper Il Resto del Carlino:> 



Trip to Tuscany May 13-14, 2010

BCSP course and UniBo final exams in May/June


As part of Prof. Giancarlo Benevolo's 'Art and Society in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance' class, students traveled to Padova in the Veneto region to see the Cappella degli Scrovegni, the Scrovegni family chapel, which is decorated with Giotto's celebrated cycle of frescoes (1303/1305).

Students visited the Ducal Palace of Mantova in order to fully understand courtly life in the Renaissance and how the architecture and interior design of the palace represented and served the private and public life of the Gonzaga family (1328-1707). 



BCSP has updated the Housing section of the program website in order to more clearly explain the housing procedure and its full-immersion strategy and benefits.

Click on 'Student Profiles' to see pictures of students, their apartments and details such as rent, security deposit, and location.

The section on Neighborhood Descriptions includes even more comments by students on their streets and neighborhoods in Bologna.



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View pictures of program trips and events going on in Bologna at


University of Illinois
L.UN.A. Libera Università delle Arti - fashion design, business and marketing school

As an International Studies, Italian and Communications major, Michelle has also found a way to combine all of her interests through this internship. After graduation Michelle would like to use her Italian language skills to work for an international company, possibly in the fashion or interior design sector. At L.UN.A. she assists the admission staff in recruitment of foreign students by promoting the degree programs and interviewing applicants.

Michelle has also translated the masters program course descriptions and web pages from Italian to English. When guest speakers give presentations during classes, Michelle participates as the interpreter from English to Italian. The highlight of her internship experience involved attending Milan Fashion Week shows.



Hampshire College
DEGUSTA - monthly cuisine and travel magazine distributed throughout Italy

An Art History and Italian major, with experience in travel writing for newspapers in her home state, Vermont, Elizabeth is finding that journalism combines her passions for art, culinary arts, literature, travel and her talent in speaking and writing the Italian language.

In addition to reporting on important Italian enogastronomic experts, such as the owner of a Sicilian vineyard that exports to the United States, Elizabeth runs her own bilingual (Italian-English) column, 'Chef d'America', which highlights great international chefs working in the US with a special focus on Italian cuisine. For the April 2010 issue, Elizabeth interviewed Michael Tusk, a chef at the Michelin one star restaurant Quince in San Francisco, CA.

(Click on the image to the right showing the American flag to read the English translation.)