Newsletter n°19 - Fall 2017


Excursions & Group Activities

Pasta Making and Eating Evening, September 1
Guided Tour of Bologna, September 6
Shakespeare in Death, September 9
Ravenna, the Byzantine Empire, September 16
Fortress of San Leo, Republic of San Marino, Rimini, September 23
Bologna's Medieval Museum, September 26
Urbino, the Renaissance City, September 30
Evening Walking Tours, October 10 and November 8
Program Dinner and Mid-semester Meeting, October 16
Mixer witth Italian Students, October 25
Film Night, November 16
Thanksgiving Dinner, November 23
Students and staff gather for group shot at farmhouse Al di là del fiume, where the pasta making lesson with maestro Leonardo Iacono is held every semester.
Max Rumble (BCSP Fall 2017, University of Wisconsin) gives a presentation on Bologna's Piazza Santo Stefano during BCSP's Italian language class.

Student Life

Last year three BCSP students participated in the University of Bologna choir: Lena Schroeder (BCSP AY 2016-17, University of Minnesota), Dallas Hopkins (BCSP AY 2016-17, University of North Carolina) and Annalisa Tarizzo (BCSP Spring 2017, University of Michigan). This year Gianna Van Heel (BCSP AY 2017-18, University of Notre Dame) is following in their footsteps...
Isabel Pizzi and Francesca Grixoni were University of Bologna exchange students at Indiana University during fall semester 2016. In Bologna, Isabel studies International Management and Francesca Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation. Isabel was enrolled in Kelley School of Business and Francesca in the College of Arts of Sciences. They were both involved in extracurricular activites on campus. Isabel joined RSO (Retail Studies Organization), and Francesca was a tutor for the Italian department and active in Cafezinho, meetings organized by the Portuguese department.
BCSP students were curious to know where Italian students go to eat in between classes and where they hang out in the evenings, beyond typical Piazza Verdi or Piazza Maggiore. Emanuela Vignudelli, BCSP’s Program Assistant, organized two evening walking tours to show students authentic, local spots...

Alumni Focus

From left to right: Michael Psitos (BCSP 2012-13, Cornell University), Matt Glodz (BCSP 2012-13, Cornell University) and David Beavers (BCSP Fall 2012, Cornell University) recently reunited in Bologna for Michael’s graduation ceremony and festivities.
Michael Psitos received a scholarship from the University of Bologna for an M.A. in European Literary Cultures (in three languages: Italian, French and Greek). He graduated 110/110 con lode and wrote his thesis on the presence of neo-standard traits in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language in Greece. 

Matt Glodz joined Hilton’s Feasibility and Investment Analysis team for the Europe and Africa region. Based in London, he travels throughout Italy, Poland, and other European countries to scope out potential sites for new Hilton properties.

David Beavers is Web Producer at POLITICO, a global news source on politics and policy. He is a graduate student in media and strategic communication at George Washington University.
Alessandro Tampieri (University of Bologna exchange student at Indiana University in 1995-96) is an actor and director in Bologna. This past summer he directed and performed in SHAKESPEARE IN DEATH – passeggiate shakespeariane in Certosa, supported by Bologna Istituzione Musei. BCSP students saw his performance on September 9. Alessandro believes that theaters in Bologna need to find innovative solutions to spark the public interest and bring people back to the theater. At the same time, the city itself needs to involve the citizens and tourists in the appreciation and conservation of its monuments.

"I am fascinated by the concept of playable cities, urban spaces and non-conventional venues."

University Life

Virginia Ventrucci, an Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation major at the University of Bologna, was an exchange student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during the 2016-17 academic year. Virginia excelled in her courses and was part of the Flippin’ Illini Gymnastics Club. Virginia was admitted to the M.A. program in Translation at Kent State University and offered a teaching assistantship.

"For now I am focusing on getting the best out of being a student and a teacher at the same time...I am going to keep my options open, knowing for sure that I will not give up on either translation or teaching...I am sure that without studying abroad at UofI, I would not be answering these questions from my office at Kent State University."
Fulvio Cammarano, BCSP’s professor of Contemporary European and Italian History and Full Professor at the University of Bologna’s Department of Political and Social Sciences, recently published two essays on Italy’s initial neutrality during WWI. He also participated in the BCSP faculty exchange from April 17 to May 6, 2017 with a visit to Indiana University campus.
Giancarlo Benevolo, BCSP’s art history professor, is the new curator of Bologna’s Museo del Tessuto e della Tappezzeria “Vittorio Zironi” (museum of textiles and tapestries) housed within the elegant Villa Spada. The museum was closed for many years, and Professor Benevolo played a vital role in its reopening to the public.
Current BCSP student, Gianna Van Heel (BCSP AY 2017-18, University of Notre Dame), a French and Italian major, will assist Professor Benevolo with the preparation of a guided tour for U.S. university students studying engineering and the history of textiles.
Last semester, Nina Stemwedel (BCSP Spring 2017, University of Wisconsin), an Art History major, performed a special, “sneak-peek” guided tour of the museum, prior to its official inauguration.

Alumni Notes

Eric Harmeling (BCSP AY 2013-14, University of North Carolina) and Blake Steiner (BCSP Fall 2013, Indiana University) came to visit in June 2017. Eric graduated from University of North Carolina in May 2015 and went on to obtain a masters in Science and Economics at North Carolina State University. Eric and Blake always remained in touch after study abroad. Blake graduated from Indiana University in May 2015. While working as a travelling science teacher in North Carolina, he shared a house with Eric. Blake later joined the United States Peace Corps to serve for 27 months in Morocco teaching English in youth centers. Eric moved to Nice, France, to work on an organic farm harvesting zucchini. Being both on this same side of the Atlantic once again, the two friends met up in Bologna and saw Radiohead in concert together in Florence. Eric flew back to Canada for another farming experience, and Blake remained to travel throughout Italy before returning to Morocco to continue helping in the development of the youth centers.  
William Gillispie (BCSP Fall 2014, Tulane University) came to visit in June 2017. William spent four weeks in Ferrara to obtain his teaching certificate through Tulane. After graduating from Tulane in May 2016, he went on to complete an accelerated masters in History, and his future plans include becoming a high school teacher. While studying abroad in Bologna, William interned at the Gandino middle school where he worked closely with Prof. Maria Luisa Pace. Many of his presentations in class were on American history, so William says he discovered his calling at Gandino. What William most enjoyed about his time in Bologna were the friends he made! …..although the food was also unforgettable! From Ferrara he often took the 20 minute train ride to Bologna to visit his favorite places. William said: “Studying abroad in Bologna is an experience that I will always carry with me!"
Alyssa Johnston (BCSP Spring 2014, University of Illinois) and Akua Banful (BCSP Spring 2014, Princeton University) came to visit in July. Akua was in Bologna taking classes at the School of Critical Theory (University of Bologna, Duke University and University of Virginia). She is pursuing a doctorate in Comparative Literature at Columbia University and still speaks (some!) Italian. Portuguese has taken over! Alyssa is working for Eataly in Chicago and decided to come to Bologna when she found out Akua would be here. They often meet up in New York City with Alyssa Cannizzaro (BCSP Spring 2014, Columbia University) and Julia Sylvestre (BCSP Spring 2014, Cornell University). Alyssa lives with her Yorkie named Coco who might like to meet Lillo one day!
Greg Feliu (BCSP Fall 2015, Hampshire College) came to visit in July. He was in Naples for a month researching local dialect for his thesis project. Greg is looking at how the dialect is phonetically converging with Italian and at the difference between the pronunciation of “ricotta” and “rigotta.” He will be graduating in December 2017 and hopes to perform more research in Italy after that!
Carlos Torres (BCSP Spring 2016, University of Notre Dame) visited last June. He graduated in Finance and started work at Exxon in August. In July he travelled to Naples to visit his brother, then to Cinque Terre with Nadia Zunarelli (BCSP Spring 2016, Indiana University), Bologna, Lugano, Rimini, San Marino, and his trip continued on to New York City and Honduras, to visit family. Carlos said: “It was great to be back in Bologna and revisit my favorite places.” BCSP confirms that he has not at all lost his Italian! Carlos is still in touch with friends from his semester: Molly Liss (Indiana University), D.J. Fan (Cornell University), Kathleen Albert (University of Notre Dame), Valerie Acker (University of Wisconsin), and Marika Rosenblum (University of Wisconsin).
Matt Olivo (BCSP Fall 2015, Northwestern University) enjoyed his time in Bologna so much that he decided to stay and complete a master's in Data Science at the Bologna Business School. He is currently completing an internship for the master's in Casalecchio di Reno. His favorite memories from BCSP include a trip to a beautiful farmhouse outside of Bologna and going to Cinque Terre with his roommate Mickey Cotter (BCSP Fall 2015, Northwestern University).
Susannah Gilbert (BCSP Spring 2012, Mount Holyoke College) is currently working in project management in real estate development in NYC. She uses Italian at work about once a month with a potential client or marble vendor, for example. Susannah said: Italian plays a huge role in my personal life. I regularly listen to and attend the opera and watch Italian tv shows like Montalbano (in 2013 I went to some remote parts of Sicily just to see all the places where they shoot the show). Studying in Bologna was the best time of my life (I wish I knew that back then instead of stressing so much). I still keep in touch and have even continued travelling with Anne Boucher (BCSP Spring 2012, Mount Holyoke College), Jenna Hoopingarner (Spring 2012, Mount Holyoke College), Lindsey McLauchlan (BCSP Spring 2012–Fall 2012, University of Illinois) and George Williams Jr. (Spring 2012, Southern Methodist University). I’ve also remained very close friends with Alberto, a local journalist who I lived with for 4 months when I ran out of money and with whom I’ve travelled extensively.”
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