Newsletter n°18 - Spring 2017


Excursions & Group Activities

Pasta making and eating day, January 28
Program dinner at Ristorante Nino, February 9
Padova, la Cappella degli Scrovegni, March 3
Firenze, Bargello Museum and Opera Duomo Museum, March 31
Evening at the Theater with Italian students, March 23
Big Talk Workshop, March 29
Forlimpopoli, Casa Artusi, May 25
Trip to Tuscany, May 26-27
Pasta making (Spring 2017), Mantova (Fall 2016), Padova (Spring 2017)

In memoriam

Paolo Poggio, a BCSP Italian language professor, passed away at age 47, at the end of November 2016. Paolo was a role model for his students. He was especially admired for his warm and friendly character and will be greatly missed.
With the help of Christine Dodd, Paolo's long time friend and BCSP colleague, the students prepared a beautiful book of memories for Paolo's family.

Student life

Sarah Oakley

Interning at Scuola Pepoli has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. With BCSP, normally students are the ones trying to learn a new language from native speakers, but working as an English teacher gave me the opportunity to experience the flipside: teaching a language as a native speaker. Through this internship, not only was I able to foster cross-cultural understanding, but also gain deeper insight into the pragmatics of the Italian language...


Letter to BCSP from Scuola Pepoli English Teachers

We are English teachers at  IC21- Carlo Pepoli secondary school (middle school) in Bologna.  For the past three years we’ve had students from BCSP collaborate with us in class. We call it a “language assistantship.” Our pupils are enthusiastic about meeting American students because, for the majority of them, it is the first time they have the opportunity to get to know young mother-tongue speakers and their traditions. Each semester the American students we work with prepare 4-6 engaging cultural lessons, suitable for the age group. We usually provide them with guidance and ideas (American culture and civilization, games, language study) to help develop their lesson plans. Our classrooms are all equipped with interactive boards and internet, and the students make use of this technology to show photos, videos and other visual aids.  The first lesson is always based on the presentation of the BCSP student: their family, home town, interests. The topics for the following lessons depend upon each class...

While studying abroad here in Bologna, I had the opportunity to play music live at a small club and artist space, called Nero! Nero is an amazing place – by night it’s a bar with amazing cocktails, great live music, and fantastic DJs, however, during the day they offer courses of all kinds, like cooking, dance, voice, etc! Part of their mission is to support local artists and musicians, and I’m really proud to say I had the opportunity to play there! Bologna really is a place where you can connect with people about anything, big or small, you just have to do the work and put yourself out there!
Dallas Hopkins  (BCSP AY 2016-17, University of North Carolina)
This weekend I spent a lot of time with my flatmate Gaia and her Neapolitan friends. It was a lot of fun showing them around Bologna. We visited the San Petronio Basilica and we looked for the medieval arrows that got stuck during an ancient battle in the wood of Corte Isolani's porticoed ceiling. The day after we prepared carbonara (spaghetti with egg, bacon and Parmesan cheese) for lunch... delicious!
Marisa Sclafani
(BCSP Spring 2017, University of North Carolina)

Alumni Focus

On February 13, 2017, Janis Russell (BCSP AY 1973-1974, Indiana University) was greeted by IU President Michael A. McRobbie in Bloomington. The two had met in Bologna in May 2016 at the BCSP 50th anniversary celebrations. Janis Russell is an acclaimed jazz and blues singer and has performed before President Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II and Nelson Mandela.
(Photo courtesy of the Indiana University website)
Megan Celona

I work full time at the American Italian Cultural Center (AICC) in downtown New Orleans and I cannot think of a job that could more fully encompass my interest in history and my love for New Orleans and Italy. We are a small organization involved in big things. Our mission is to share the influence that Italians had in Italy, the Americas, and New Orleans in particular....
Christopher Browner

After graduating from Columbia University last May, I quickly put my Italian-language skills, and much of what I learned about the Italy (and it's iconic cuisine), to use when I joined the Food and Wine Sector at the Italian Trade Commission office in New York. In my role as an Assistant Marketing/Promotions Officer, I juggled a number of tasks in the promotion of authentic, high-quality Italian food and wine products....

University Life

Prof. Christine Dodd 10 Years Teaching @ BCSP
Christine Dodd has been teaching BCSP's Advanced Italian Language course for ten years, since 2007! We've captured her wise words in an interview to celebrate this important milestone.
How did you begin your career as a teacher of Italian?
I have been teaching Italian since I was a child! My father is British, and I was always correcting his Italian. It was destiny. I was strict and would point out his grammatical errors, even though he already spoke Italian very well.
One summer I came across a school in Tuscany that was looking for teachers for European students...I went on to work for an Italian language school for foreigners. After starting work at the University of Bologna's language center, I arrived at BCSP.

Alumni Notes

Caroline Klaff (BCSP Spring 2014-15, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) came to visit in December 2016 while on vacation in Italy with her family. She is currently working at the U.S. Senate and in June will depart for Peace Corps service in the eastern Caribbean teaching English and working on community development. After graduation she worked in New Mexico for a hiking, backpacking and wilderness adventure program. Caroline remembers missing the bus for Urbino, getting a 7am wake-up call from Director Ricci and, to make up for missing out on the cultural excursion, she woke up her new roommates and brought them with her on an adventure to Brisighella. It was the start of a long friendship that resulted in Caroline’s roommates eventually visiting her in the U.S. Caroline is one of the BCSP alumnae to be awarded UNC’s Kimberly Kyser Award for Excellence in Italian at the time of graduation. She mentioned that it was great to be back in Bologna, a city that still feels like home.
Natalia Cañas (BCSP Spring 2016, University of Wisconsin) recently wrote: “I attended the Indiana University Spring semester program in Bologna in 2016. My experience there was unforgettable! After leaving Bologna I knew I had return to Italy so I applied to teach English for three months in Cividate Camuno, a small mountain village in the province of Lombardy. I teach elementary and middle school children as well as teachers and parents. It has been a very eye opening experience for me and I am very grateful for this opportunity. It requires a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity! The kids I work with are dynamic and loving (I have received countless pictures and flowers from the elementary school children!). Another positive aspect of the English Language Assistantship program with the “English for Everybody Project” is living with a host family. My Italian family has been nothing but wonderful to me and have made me feel at home from the moment I arrived. Living and working in northern Italy is very different from being a university student in Bologna. Both have shaped me in special ways and will forever remain extraordinary memories. Learning Italian has given me the ability and courage to travel and make Italy a place I feel at home!”
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