Newsletter n°17 - Fall 2016


BCSP celebrated its 50th anniversary May 27-28, 2016.
Please visit our Anniversary Booklet to see photos of the events, read about the history of the program and reminisce about study abroad through director and student testimonials.


Pasta making, Ravenna, Urbino, students in Ravenna with Director Ricci and Professor Benevolo

Alumni Focus

Carlos Torres

After one of the most amazing semesters of my life, I interned at ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas. I worked on a project that revolved around process and tool improvements within their headcounting systems. I thought after leaving Italy everything I learned and experienced would soon become a part of my past, especially since the field I’m studying is relatively technical, but I quickly realized this is not the case.
Therese Lahlouh (BCSP Spring 2009, Cornell University) returned to Bologna in September to collaborate with her mentor, Mario Ferrara, the celebrated chef of Ristorante Scacco Matto, where BCSP has Thanksgiving dinner every year for professors and students. Therese and Mario cooked together for BolognAMAtriciana, a charity event that was held in Bologna


Kathleen Albert

This past summer I interned with NBC Olympics for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was stationed at the IBC (International Broadcasting Center) and worked specifically on the Primetime and Late Night Shows. It was such an incredible experience getting to see the inner-workings of  live television and constantly feel the excitement of the games.

A BCSP Alumnae Collaboration in Bologna: Julie Wade (BCSP AY 1991-92, Indiana University) and Candice Whitney (BCSP AY 2013-14, Mount Holyoke College).

In May 2015 Candice graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology and Italian and taught English in Casablanca throughout the academic year 2015-16.

Student Life

Jacob Schmalz (BCSP AY 2015-16, Indiana University) interned at Bologna's Medieval Museum under the guidance of BCSP professor, Giancarlo Benevolo, and lent his linguistic and writing skills to two major art exhibits.

University Life

Giancarlo Benevolo, BCSP’s professor of art history and Italian medieval and renaissance society, recently published two articles in the international, multilingual journal Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage. Former BCSP students Emily Parrent (BCSP Spring 2014, University of Minnesota) and Melissa Guadalupe Medina (BCSP AY 2012-13, University of Notre Dame) curated the translation of the articles in English.

Alumni Notes

Laura Caruso (BCSP Spring 2015, University of Michigan) and Jenny De Gregorio (Overseas - University of Chicago 2015-16, Università di Bologna) visited the BCSP office last July. Laura graduated from University of Michigan in May and Jenny completed a year of study abroad at the University of Chicago. They travelled extensively together in the United States and Canada. They visited fellow alums Ally Madden (BCSP Spring 2015, Mount Holyoke College) in Boston and Wendy Li (BCSP Spring 2015, Cornell University) in New York City. Jenny spent the holidays with Laura’s family in Michigan. Now they are hoping to move together to Rome! Jenny will graduate from UNIBO in September. She would like to enroll in a master’s program or teach for an American university in Italy. Laura will be moving to Los Angeles after an extensive trip throughout southern Europe and the northwest United States in pursuit of a career as director of photography for the film industry. Laura would still like to find herself in Italy for a few years documenting community art projects at a local level.
Mickey Cotter (BCSP Fall 2015, Northwestern University) visited the BCSP office in September. Mickey is in his senior year at Northwestern and will be taking engineering courses to finalize his major. Before the start of the semester, Mickey travelled in Tirolo, Venice and Bologna. In Bologna he stayed with his former roommate, Federico. He remembers going to Imola with his roommates and having dinner at a famous osteria. He also recalls interning at the Gandino middle school. He admits being “jealous” of his friend Matt Olivo (BCSP Fall 2015, Northwestern University) who is back in Bologna for grad school!
Sky Dylan-Robbins (BCSP AY 2009-2010, Northwestern University) is currently the senior producer of video at The New Yorker, where she creates the magazine's short documentaries and supplements for print stories. In 2015, she founded The Video Consortium, a creative community of the world's top video journalists and millennial nonfiction filmmakers. Within the almost-two years of its existence, the collective has grown from a handful of journalist friends to over a thousand industry professionals. She's living and working in New York.

Candice Whitney (BCSP AY 2013-2014, Mount Holyoke College) graduated in May 2015 and soon after departed for Morocco to live for 9 months in Casablanca teaching English at a private American language school. She returned to New Jersey for the summer of 2016, but did not remain for long because she had, in the meantime, been awarded the Fulbright scholarship to perform research in Bologna on the personal narratives of North African business women and their pursuits of entrepreneurial success. Candice will be living in Bologna throughout the academic year 2016-17 and is looking forward to meeting the students from Mount Holyoke currently on the program.

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