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BCSP Alumni Hired as English Language TA's for Lombardy Schools
Interview with Former Student Sarah Dugas
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Student Events and Excursions


Pasta Making and Eating Day at the Tenuta Bonzara, Sept. 10
Trip to Ravenna, Sept. 13
Visit to Bologna's Medieval Museum, Sept. 20
Trip to Urbino, Sept. 27
Guided tour of mysteries in paintings at Bologna's Pinacoteca, Oct. 31
Trip to Vittoriale degli Italiani and Sirmione, Lake Garda, Nov. 7
Guided tour of the Carpigiani Gelato Museum and University, Nov. 14

BCSP's Fall semester began on Monday, August 25 with 44 students: 29 Fall and 15 Academic Year.

Student Spotlights

Current student Clara Dorfman, University of Pittsburgh, recently published an article for Catholic News Service about the history of Bologna's Patron Saint San Petronio and the Basilica di San Petronio in Piazza Maggiore. Bologna celebrates the Feast of St. Petronius on October 4 every year. Clara interviewed Anna Brini, a tour guide in Bologna that lead the students on a tour of "ancient Bologna" during the Presession, and Father Marco Baroncini, secretary of the general services office of the Archdiocese of Bologna. St. Petronius would have agreed that study abroad opens many doors: inspired by his own pilgrimage to Jerusalem, he created and imported "tourist attractions" to Bologna. He is remembered as the bishop that helped the city flourish economically.

We would especially like to congratulate Alyssa Cannizzaro (BCSP Spring semester 2014) for being appointed Peer Advisor for Italy by Columbia University's Office of Global Programs. Alyssa's description of her semester abroad perfectly summarizes a the full-immersion experience that every BCSP student shares.
Alyssa has also recently revived the Società Italiana at Columbia University. She is President and Adriana Di Fazio (BCSP Spring semester 2014, Barnard College) is Vice President. Their first event, Caffè e Conversazione, was held on October 13. They will be participating in the Chinese Students Club of Columbia University Night Market event (an annual fall festival promoting cultural unity) with an Italian table and cannoli sale on the campus' Low Steps.

Alyssa represents BCSP at CU Study Abroad Fair - Alyssa and Adriana lead Caffè e Conversazione






Photos of Bologna at night by Kirk Acharya, BCSP AY 2014-15, University of Michigan
and Philip Curran, BCSP Fall 2014, Cornell University








BCSP Alumni Hired as English Language TA's for Lombardy Schools

Five students that studied abroad with BCSP during the 2012-2013 academic year have been selected by the SITE Program to teach English and other subject matters in the English language throughout the Lombardy region of Italy. Michael Psitos and Kathryn Ikenberry graduated from Northwestern University last Spring and have been assigned to the cities of Codogno and Milan. Justin Hish graduated from the University of Notre Dame and is working in Gorla Minore. Cindy Columbus, a recent Bryn Mawr College graduate, was also assigned to Milan, and Margaret Uland, Indiana University, is working in Busto Arsizio. While BCSP alumni have participated in the SITE program before, this year boasts a record number. BCSP is pleased to see students eager to return to Italy and contribute their talents to a part of the country's school system.

Interview with Former Student Sarah Dugaspassport

Sarah studied abroad with BCSP during the Fall semester 2013. She is an Accounting major at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. BCSP asked her about her decision to participate in a prevalently liberal arts program.

Why did you choose BCSP?
At first I considered applying to a business school in Italy. At a closer look, however, I noticed that some of the courses offered to international students were the same as those that I had already attended in the United States, such as Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Accounting.
In Bologna I am given a wider choice of courses and electives. Furthermore, I was excited about the idea of finding a place to live on my own as an alternative to the student dorm.

How many courses did you take in Bologna?
I chose 2 BCSP courses, specifically Il Percorso storico dell'Italia in Europa: dall'Unità al Fascismo and Il Cinema Italiano del miracolo economico. At UniBo I took Psicologia discorsiva and Storia delle donne in età contemporanea.  

Could you tell us about life in Bologna?
I am really pleased with my experience in Bologna. People are kind, friendly and do not hesitate to meet new people, especially if you come from another country.
The city organizes many events. Being relatively small (around 400,000 people), it is very easy to reach any point in town either by walking or, as many Bolognese do, by bike.

What are your plans for the future?
After graduation I plan to get a Master’s Degree in Accounting and obtain the license to work in the United States. However, I wouldn’t mind coming back to Italy!

NEW BCSP Alumni Groups on Facebook


If you are or know a former BCSP student, please spread the word about our new Alumni Groups. The groups are organized by city, state, country or continent. We have been getting back in touch with alumni all over the world, with 32 groups and counting! At the moment the largest and most active group is "BCSP Alumni in and around Chicago" with 55 members. "BCSP Alumni in and around New York City" is a close second with 49 members. "BCSP Alumni in Italy and around Europe" has 35 members.

We are encouraging alumni to organize dinners/gatherings in their locations and to send us alumni notes and photos through the Groups. We hope that they will use the groups to network with each other and to remain up to date on BCSP-related news and events, such as the upcoming 50th Anniversary reunion celebration. We also post job opportunities that may interest alumni.

Our BCSP Bologna profile is geared towards alumni that may request "to friend" the profile. Look for Bcsp Bologna through Facebook search. BCSP will accept the friend request and then invite the former student to join the appropriate Group based on location. Anniversary reunion details will be posted through the profile as well as through the Groups we get closer to the date.

Current students, alumni, study abroad advisors and professors may find information mostly in Italian related to the city of Bologna (ongoing cultural activities, festivals, articles, albums of student excursions) through our fan page: www.facebook.com/IUBCSP.


Anne Gabrielle Boucher (BCSP Spring semester 2012, Mount Holyoke College) came to visit in May 2014, after a week in France visiting family. While in Bologna, Anne stayed with her former roommate Valeria, in via Calari near via Pratello. She travelled to Sicily with a group of Mount Holyoke students and Professor Ombretta Frau. After a year long stint in film making, Anne is currently working for Churchmouse Yarns and Teas in Brainbridge, an island off Seattle, the mecca of yarn shops on the West Coast. She is the Assistant to the Merchandising Director. She is still in touch with Jenna Hoopingarner, Susanna Gilbert, George Williams and Andrew Heil!

Lindsey McLauchlan (BCSP Spring semester 2012 and Fall semester 2012, University of Illinois) came to visit in October 2014 with her boyfriend Matt after four days in Rome. Lindsey and Matt travelled on to Ferrara to stay with Lindsey's best Italian friend, Francesca. Lindsey works in Chicago for the marketing department of Cisco in the Sears Tower, the same building as fellow alum Matt Glodz. Lindsey is still in touch with Lauren De Maria, a professional dancer - now med student, from the BCSP Spring semester 2012 and visited Lauren in New York last year. One of Lindsey's best memories from study abroad was going to a discoteca in a grotta in Amalfi only accessible by boat!

Claire Harrison (BCSP AY 2010-11, University of Minnesota) wrote to BCSP last summer that she will be pursuing graduate studies in International Higher Education at Loyola University in Chicago. She is interested in the correlation of study abroad and second language acquisition and added “I can honestly say that this interest was greatly inspired by my experience in Bologna!”
Her master's program will conclude in Rome in June 2016. BCSP is looking forward to seeing Claire at the 50th Anniversary reunion event to be held in May 2016!

David Beavers (BCSP Fall semester 2014, Cornell University) came to visit in June 2014. Before Italy, he travelled to Stockholm. In Bologna he was hosted by his good friend Laura, a student at UniBo. He is happy to catch up with Italian and American friends before starting his new job at Environment America, a non-profit environmental advocacy firm, in News Brunswick, NJ. David graduated in May with fellow BCSP alums: Matt Glodz, Meghan Wing, and Natasha Bunzl. David caught up with the World Cup games in Piazza Maggiore along with Rachel Schumacher (BCSP AY 2013-14, University of Wisconsin). Rachel and David met in the BCSP office on David's first day back in Bologna.  He also hiked through the Alpe Apuane in Tuscany!

Elaad Applebaum (BCSP Spring semester 2014, University of Illinois) interned during the summer in Bologna for INFN, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), with Dr. Paolo Giacomelli, senior researcher at INFN. Elaad’s main activities included work on a project entitled ‘Study of the performances of H->ZZ->4l with an upgraded CMS detector.’  Elaad is a Physics major at UIUC and took a course in Physics at the University of Bologna during his semester abroad. The INFN international exchange student internship program has locations throughout Italy, including the islands. Elaad discovered the INFN through his interests in Physics and Italian and was thrilled to remain in Bologna for an additional two months! 

John Boujoukos (BCSP AY 2008-09, University of North Carolina) came to visit the BCSP office in September 2014 after returning to Italy for a friend’s wedding. After graduation from UNC in 2010 with a “surprise” double major in Economics and Romance Languages, John worked a number of odd jobs before becoming a poker player, travelled around India for a year to study yoga and is now planning on returning for another undergraduate degree in horticulture.  During his year abroad in Bologna, John was the official BCSP photographer, and many of his photographs still appear in our posters, brochures, webpages. John is still avidly photo-documenting his adventures around the world!

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