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Spring semester 2014 - N° 12
Music, Maria and Michael
Interview with Professor Paolo Poggio
IU Biology Undergrad Publishes Research done in Bologna
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BCSP's Spring semester began on Monday, January 13, with 33 incoming students that joined the 12 students on the program for the year. For the first time students from George Washington University and College of William & Mary are studying abroad in Bologna through BCSP. Courses offered in the BCSP office this semester include: Advanced Italian Language, Culture of Food and Italian Identity, Italian Political History from 1943 - 2000 and Art and Society in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The semester will conclude on June 30.

48% of enrolled students throughout the current academic year have participated in internships. BCSP is especially grateful for our ongoing collaboration with two middle schools: Gandino and Pepoli. Students visit English classes once or twice a week and prepare conversation topics, such as American holidays, music, food, geography, etc. They encourage the middle schoolers to practice their speaking skills and expand their vocabulary. 37% of Fall, 25% of AY and 27% of Spring students interned at the middle schools. Elizabeth Freda (Northwestern University), Harri Plotnick (Tulane University) and Max Noto (Cornell University) are pictured below proudly holding up thank you cards, class pictures and gifts received at the end of their internships:

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Music, Maria and Michael

Maria Massucco (BCSP Spring 2014) is a Voice & Opera, Comparative Literature and Italian major at Northwestern University. In Bologna she sings with University of Bologna's choir and orchestra, leads the Massucco Trio- a band with jazz and blues repertoire- and performs every Monday night at English Empire, a lounge bar in the university area, with Michael Brusha, an American musical legend in Bologna and BCSP alumnus of 1972. In addition to performing live, often with the Born to Swing Jazz Orchestra, Michael teaches music at the Merry Melodies music school, which he also founded, right around the corner from the BCSP office. In the picture to the right, Michael accompanies Maria on the saxophone. View more photos in our Facebook album.

Teatro Duse is a famous Italian theater located in Bologna. A series of Musical Afternoons are held at the theater's cafe in collaboration with UniBo's choir and orchestra. Maria recently performed in the soprano section L'Ombra di Petrarca "Il Rinascimento dei Madrigali" (The Shadow of Petrarch "The Renaissance of the Madrigals").

Interview with Professor Paolo Poggio passport

Professor Paolo Poggio teaches during the BCSP Presession and, each semester, an advanced Italian language course. We’ve asked him a few questions about his approach to teaching Italian to foreign students and more specifically about his experiences in the BCSP classroom.

1. What are the aspects of the Italian language that you most enjoy and find most challenging to teach to American students?

Personally the most gratifying result of my teaching experience is to provide students with the tools to independently explore the different aspects of the Italian language and society. To achieve this goal, the challenge is to maintain a high level of curiosity and interest among students.

2. Your students are introduced to Italian culture through the study of important historical and contemporary figures. They analyze the stylistics of biographies and documentaries. Could you tell us more about this aspect of your course?

The students are divided into small groups and asked to prepare a biography and to make a presentation in class highlighting the most significant aspects of their work and share concepts and keywords through the support of written and visual material.

3. What other kinds of activities do you use in class to get the students speaking?

Usually through role-playing, sharing news about their lives in Bologna, giving them new expressions to be used in a dialogue, dividing students in 'pro and contro' groups and asking them to prepare a list of their opinions followed by discussion.

4. How would you describe the improvements BCSP students make in Italian by the time they have finished your course?

I would say they make improvements in terms of confidence, a more fluid and detailed language ability, a better ability to work on an Italian text.

IU Biology Undergrad Publishes Research done in Bologna
Adriana Giuliani
Indiana University

Adriana Giuliani is a Cox Research Scholar and senior at Indiana University majoring in Microbiology and Italian. While studying abroad in Bologna during the Spring semester 2013, she carried out research at Bologna's Ospedale Bellaria (Bellaria Hospital) in collaboration with the Anatomical Pathology Department. Her work was recently published in an article of the online journal Plos One. Adriana shared this accomplishment with IU's Office of Overseas Study in the hopes that her example "might encourage or comfort other science students in knowing that they still have opportunities to pursue their interests abroad!"

BCSP has also sent pre-med students to the Laboratorio di Patologia Ortopedica e Rigenerazione Tissutale Osteoarticolare (Unit of Orthopedic Pathology and Osteoarticular Tissue Regeneration) at Bologna's Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (Rizzoli Orthopedic Hospital) under the supervision of Dr. Enrico Lucarelli. The intern mainly supports scientists with the drafting and editing of research papers and grant proposals and may also help resident med students revise thesis papers. BCSP students that have participated in this internship include: Elizabeth Olive (BCSP AY 2009-10, University of Minnesota), Jennifer Perugini (BCSP Spring 2013, University of Notre Dame) and Alexandra Dyer (University of Wisconsin - Madison).


Pasta Making and Eating Day at the Tenuta Bonzara, Feb. 2

Padova, Scrovegni Chapel, Feb. 22, and Florence Bargello Museum, March 31, as part of
Prof. Giancarlo Benevolo's course Art and Society in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Forlimpopoli, Casa Artusi, May 9, as part of
Prof. Massimo Montanari's course The Culture of Food and Italian Identity

Annual trip to Tuscany, May 16-17


Samantha Suranne and Rachel Kubacki, both BCSP Spring semester 2009, came to visit us in June 2013. Rachel is working in New York for an airline. She is travelling a lot and sometimes her job brings her to Milan and Venice! She particularly loved seeing Japan, Costa Rica and Hawaii. She used to see Therese Lahlouh, who was studying to become a cook in New York, but has now moved to California. During their vacation, Samantha and Rachel took a bolognese cooking class at Salotto di Penelope in via San Felice. Samantha is living in Chicago and working for a health insurance company managing the marketing for three websites of the new health care reform law. She obtained a masters in Communications at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign about a year ago. She's been staying with her Italian roommate in Bologna and took a few trips to Padova, Florence and Cinque Terre with Rachel. She often sees David Pestell and Lauren Claps, who both wish they could have visited as well! Samantha and Rachel say Bologna hasn't changed much but that's what they love about it! They hope it won't be another four years before they can come back!

Emily Roehl came to visit in September 2013 after a month of Wwoofing in Mondaino and Lago di Garda. Emily graduated from the University of Wisconsin in December 2012, at the end of the BCSP Fall semester. She moved to Richmond, VA, during the Spring, and after returning to the U.S. will be off to New York City to work in the music industry! Her fondest memory of Bologna was living in via Zacconi 4 with her two favorite Sicilian brothers Emanuele and Fabrizio! When not at home together, you could find them at Spazio In Due in vicolo Broglio. Emily joined the new BCSP students for the welcome pizza party on Friday, August 30, and she gave them precious housing search advice! She has been eating lots of gelato and trying to speak as much Italian as possible since she's been back. The BCSP staff confirms that she hasn't lost her Italian at all! Emily sends a special 'saluto' to Lydia, Raquel, Monica, Lauren and Street.

Christina Hines came to visit on October 10, 2013, and she returned on October 18, 2013, with Sarah Tolman after visiting Sarah in Germany. Sarah is teaching English through the Fulbright program at a high school in Essen. Christina and Sarah studied abroad with BCSP during the 2011-12 academic year. Christina interned at the Cineteca and volunteered at the end of the year for the Cinema Ritrovato Festival. Now that she is back in Bologna after graduating from Northwestern University she went back to her old apartment in via Piella and saw two of her former roommates. She also visited with the roommates of Lindsay Carrera and Elena Rocco di Torrepadula in via Oberdan. There was a BCSP 2011-12 'reunion' in Madison and in Chicago last year with Ramie Jacobson, Zoe Cooper, Elena Rocco di Torrepadula, Lindsey Carrera, Jessica Schmitzand Sarah Tolman. Sarah has visited with her former roommate, the famous MICHELY. She also spent time with Francesco Caroti and Tommaso Rocca, UniBo exchange students who studied abroad in Madison during the 2012-13 academic year. They exchanged many memories! After a great weekend revisiting Bologna's 'locali notturni' Christina and Sarah went to the Osteria Traviata, where they both did the BCSP pasta making lesson, and to relive the 'gelato experience' at the Funivia in Piazza Cavour! Christina sadly returned home the following Thursday and Sarah moved on to Budapest for a full week of vacation!

Melissa Medina (BCSP 2012-2013) was in Bologna from March 9 – 16 to work on a grant project funded by the University of Notre Dame researching the history and architecture of the Basilica of San Petronio. Her goal is to design what the Basilica would have looked like had it been completed in the 13th century. She is collaborating with her former BCSP professor, internship advisor and mentor Professor Giancarlo Benevolo.
She has visited with the BCSP staff, her best friend in Bologna (Beatrice) and more friends from her fencing team! She is sad to leave Bologna after just a week!

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