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June 2009, newsletter. N. 1


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Students are now in the process of completing final exams at the University of Bologna, and many then follow up with a celebratory trip somewhere in Europe. Italy, Sicily, the Amalfi coast, the Adriatic coast, Ravenna, Parma and Turin are popular destination spots for students looking to take advantage of their residence here in these final weeks. Attendence is high also among the many ‘farewell’ celebrations organized by Italian and American peers. Inevitably, students will then have to turn their attention to the preparations for the return trip home in the United States.


This month, students have shared insights with the program on where and how they have made their home-away-from-home in Bologna. Everyone has a favorite ice cream place, a gelateria, nearby. Some love living in the vibrant, bustling university area, while others choose quieter locations in search of some greenery. Though most of the students did select a location in il centro, the city center, a few embraced blending-in-with-the-bolognesi outside of the city’s medieval walls, in the more residential neighborhoods where one never hears a word of English, and also has numerous opportunities to get to know local vendors such as the barber downstairs! student_housing_description.pdf


BCSP 2008-2009 academic year ends Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BCSP 2009-2019 academic year begins Monday, August 24, 2009


Students - accompanied by Director Andrea Ricci, Danielle Di Leo (Housing and Exchange Coordinator) and Daniela Bigatti (tour guide) - traveled to the Tuscan countryside in May for a full two-day trip, touring the Val D’Orcia. The itinerary included visits to the towns of Monteriggioni, Siena, Pienza and Montalcino. As was organized last year, students and staff spent the evening at the monastery-turned-hotel, Sant’Anna in Camprena ( Dinner included typical Tuscan fare, such as panzanella, a delicious recipe made with bread crumbs, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, oregano, extra-virgin olive oil, and embellished with olives, peppers and egg! A picnic in the picture-postcard valley and a hike to the San’Antimo abbey ( was the highlight of the trip. Again, this was a wonderful opportunity for the students to share a unique experience together.


The BCSP staff and professors (Giancarlo Benevolo- Art and Society in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Gabriele Marchesini- Italian Theater: Literature, Language and Performance, Christine Dodd/Mimma Diaco/Clara Piovaccari- Italian Language and Grammar) had the opportunity to wish students in bocca al lupo at the Trattoria & Pizzeria Regina Margherita. As expected, the excitement of the year coming to its end was mixed with the sentimental emotions of students who, together, have bonded over shared experiences abroad, developing special friendships and lasting memories.

The BHG has been brought up-to-date with valuable advice and suggestions of recent students. Included are housing statistics from the 2008 – 2009 academic year/semester on pg. 18.


University of Wisconsin - Madison
Indiana University - BCSP, semester 2009

Andrea Berg began working this month at a summer camp conducted by a local basketball club. For five weeks she will assist camp organizers and work with Italian children (ages 5 – 10) during all camp activities while speaking in English. Providing an English mother-tongue assistant had been a decisive factor for parents who chose this summer basketball program. Congratulations, Andrea!

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Indiana University - BCSP, year 2008-09

Kelly Kuschel has successfully juggled two internships into his academic schedule this year. An aspiring attorney, Kelly shadowed and collaborated with lawyers at the international law firm, Studio Legale Galgano. He updated the firm’s website, translating texts from Italian to English ( and also assisted lawyers in preparing their presentations in English for upcoming conferences in Paris and Bologna. (The conference in Paris will analyze the impact of the global financial crisis on law firms and the Law Exchange International will be held in Bologna next year.) Kelly frequently accompanied lawyers to court and observed hearings.

Kelly also interned for the City of Bologna in the Office of External Relations and Culture where he translated a book on the recent exhibit, Iceberg, which featured young artists in Bologna. He also translated into English various Wikipedia pages of the city that were previously available only in Italian:

Antonio Basoli (

Antonio Porta (

Certosa cemetery (

Cornell University
Indiana University - BCSP, semester 2009

Therese aspires to be a chef or food journalist, and a unique internship helped her explore one of these potential career paths. Therese assisted head-chef and co-founder, Mario Ferrara, of the Ristorante Scacco Matto, where the BCSP program hosts its Thanksgiving dinner every November ( Therese acquired hands-on knowledge of kitchen management, and the culinary skills specific to Italian cuisine. The picture to the left was taken for a news article that appeared in ‘Corsera-Corriere di Bologna’ on May 27, 2009. Therese is the only female, third from the left.