Many BCSP students take advantage of internships and volunteer opportunities (non-credit) in order to enrich their study abroad experience beyond the classroom.

Here is what students have said about their experiences:

“I learned about the profound respect Italians have for culture and history, as well as the way historical artifacts tell a story about humanity.”

“The experience helped me become more familiar with Italian culture by exposing me to Italian NGO structure and other socially active and passionate people.”

“Having the opportunity to interact with kids is truly rewarding. I found that my view of Bologna and its culture was greatly enriched by my interactions with the city’s youth. It’s a different experience than that in which I grew up, and I was happy to have the chance to experience this.”

“This internship helped me see how involved Bologna is promoting human rights and it made me appreciate what the city stands for.”

“During my presentations I discussed aspects of American culture and then asked the students to compare it to Italian culture. They were excited to tell me about their cultural traditions.”

“I got to meet the Italian interns as the only American. As an art history student, working in a museum was awesome!”

“It’s good for the soul. Good way to give back to the community.”

“I learned how to be patient, manage time, face obstacles and overcome them and how to capture an audience’s attention.”