Student profiles


HARRIETT – University of Chicago

Advice for future BCSP students:
I would suggest living in a double because you’re forced to speak in Italian with your roommate.

Your best memory:
The craziest and most fun night was the tribute concert to Lucio Dalla (a legendary singer-songwriter from Bologna) on March 4, his birthday and the title of one of his most well-known songs. I think it was a very ‘Italian’ experience because I was in the middle of Piazza Maggiore with hundreds of people that were singing along. It was incredible!


ZACK – University of Michigan

Advice for future BCSP students:
As soon as you find an apartment that you like, call and confirm immediately because someone else could claim it in the meantime.

The biggest challenge: The first phone call!


TAYLOR – University of Illinois

How you’ve changed:
I have changed a lot this year. In the U.S. I would never talk to people I didn’t know, not even a word. Now I feel much less shy and I’ll talk to anyone!

What you learned from your roommates:
I learned to cook pasta alla carbonara, which before I never knew existed!


MIKE – Northwestern University

Advice for future BCSP students:
Stay calm and be patient during the housing search. It may seem impossibile at times but in the end everyone finds an apartment. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to speak in Italian. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning (and even after the beginning…). Make calls and go see different places in order to get a feel for what each one is like. Keep an open mind and remember that you’re about to _live_ in Italy!

Your best memory:
It’s almost impossible to have a ‘best’ memory because every day I’m doing something new, which makes me even more satisfied to have chosen to study abroad for a year!


EMILY – Columbia University

Your biggest accomplishment:
The moment in which I felt fluent in the Italian language was when I went on an interview at MAMbo (Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna). It was a success! I felt satisfied with how far I’d come.

What you learned from your experience abroad:
I’ve learned that Italy is not just a picture-postcard country. No country is a cliché. Now I have a much richer and authentic idea of Italy.