BCSP student goals include:

  • Italian language acquisition,
  • Knowledge of Italian arts, fashion, food, history, literature, music, politics, sports,
  • Integration into the academic and social environment of the University of Bologna,
  • Personal development and growth.

Many aspects of the program support these goals. Independent apartment living, primarily with Italian students, occasionally also with other international students, is an important one. Independent apartment living means that students search for their own housing, a process which they may start from the U.S. or soon after arrival in Bologna. A few weeks after admission to the program, BCSP sends semester students a housing option form in case they would prefer to arrange housing prior to arrival.

The Housing Meeting, held the first day of orientation in Bologna, helps students get started and understand the ins and outs of student rentals in Italy. During the orientation period students are housed in two hotels both just down the street from the BCSP office and a two minute walk to the university area. The BCSP staff will provide linguistic support, guidelines, know-how and resources, such as the Bologna Housing Guide and contacts with local agencies, residences and landlords. The student is responsible for taking initiative, conducting a proactive search and establishing terms of rental agreement with the housing provider.


Download our Bologna Housing Guide


Rental costs in Bologna:

Posto Letto (bed in double room) min € 280 / month, max € 400 / month, plus security deposit and utilities.
Camera singola (single room) min € 400 / month, max range from € 650 – € 1,000 / month, plus security deposit and utilities.
Utilities (electricity, heating, water, wifi, etc.) are shared and divided up between housemates.
Keep in mind that the University of Bologna’s semesters are from October-January and from February-July. Landlords are accustomed to the Italian academic calendar. Therefore, fall students may be expected to cover January rent, and annual and spring students may be expected to cover July/August rent.
Students need to be fairly flexible in their housing budgets based upon the availabilty of double or single rooms in Bologna during the current semester.

Watch the following student-made videos for insight on numerous topics regarding housing in Bologna: making that first phone call, breaking language barriers, strategies, priorities, roommates, rent, security deposit, living in vs. outside the city center. Do not be surprised if advice varies from student to student. Since there is no one way to go about the search, listen to catch different points of view.