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BCSP Bologna Alum, Jessica DePinto, Remembers Professor Musa

Professor Musa and his lovely wife Isabella taught me about a “life well lived:” about the grace of accepting life’s challenges and about beauty in an often ugly world.

I met Professor Musa when I spent my junior year at the University of Bologna. I studied in Bologna in 1989, the program’s 25th anniversary year. My time at BCSP, and particularly as Professor Musa’s student, also taught me:

Dante and the Divine Comedy still matter. Machiavelli still matters. I practiced international trade law in Chicago for close to 18 years and am now an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago. I teach Law and Regulations for Organizational Leaders.

I tell my students jokingly (only half-jokingly) that the best business books they’ll ever really need to master are:

The Divine Comedy: it’s about right action and the proper use of one’s talents as an organizational leader
The Prince I often refer to it as “how I survived law school and the practice of law”

In celebrating the BCSP Bologna and the year that literally changed my life, I offer heartfelt and nostalgic “grazie” to Professor Musa and to Indiana University.

Student testimonials