“Via Nazario Sauro per sempre!”

Viola Fei (BCSP Fall 2018, Mount Holyoke College) is one of the 6 BCSP students lucky to have lived in the all-time favorite via Nazario Sauro n. 24 apartment. Here is what Viola had to say about her housing experience: “My Italian roommates are the best Italians in the world. They are from different parts of the country, so I also had the chance to learn about the regions and cultures within Italy. I was never bored living there! We had great dinner conversations. Their friends also came over often. We celebrated Cristina’s birthday together, and we also established afternoon tea time. They would be talking, and I didn’t want to feel excluded, so this feeling inspired me to the join the conversations. Living with them really helped my Italian improve. I feel more confident with the language and in my communication skills.  Everyday I met new people and learned new things. The apartment was my favorite place in Bologna! Via Nazario Sauro per sempre!” – Viola