International Friendships from Bologna to Chicago

Isabella FioRito (BCSP Fall 2018, University of Chicago) and Alessia Bernardini (exchange student for the academic year 2018-19 at the University of Chicago) shared a photo with BCSP from Princi in Chicago. Isabella studies Economics and Italian, and Alessia studies Economics and Finance.

“From exploiting the campus resources to being challenged in school, from exploring the city and traveling around to getting really close to my international and American peers, my experience in Chicago has been a blast so far. I’ve made so many fun memories and there is much more out there waiting to be seized. A year abroad can truly be life-changing and you are the only one that can make it happen. Go Maroons!” – Alessia

“We are good friends now, and I doubt we would have met had it not been for the exchange program.” – Isabella

“I met Isabella through the BCSP and I really enjoy hanging out with her. We go places and take advantage of what the city offers and, of course, we keep up with our Italian!” – Alessia