Bloomington, Bologna and Beyond

“I decided to major in International Relations because I felt that my values and interests can be brought together by working in the international field for the better of the global community and future generations. Despite never having been outside the U.S., I have known for a long time that I’d like to have the opportunity to travel for work directly after graduation. I believe that working abroad at some point would provide me with the tools to really have an effect wherever I may be, as I’ll be exposed to new ideas and approaches in several disciplines.

I chose to study abroad with BCSP in Bologna because I have wanted to be fluent in a foreign language for at least the past 10 years of my life. This program seemed like a great opportunity to both gain experience adjusting to life in a foreign country and proficiency in Italian. While I was looking forward to a lot of aspects of the program, there have also been unexpected surprises and disappointments along the way. The most important of which is that it is extremely challenging to adjust to a new way of life in a foreign environment. I’m extremely grateful to have had an opportunity like this before graduating. However, I have also been noting differences that I really appreciate here and think could be improved upon and implemented in other countries, specifically in the way that garbage management is approached!

In one of my courses at Indiana University that focused on career paths for students in International Studies, I was exposed to several different routes which could be available to me in the future. Since taking that class and studying abroad, I have decided that education may be in my future, but would also be interested in working for several different types of non-governmental organizations regarding environmental issues or international education.”

Katherine (Katie) Hudgins
(BCSP Spring 2018, Indiana University)