Why BCSP: Nina Stemwedel, Grace Weissend

“If you choose Bologna, you’re most likely choosing it for the immersive language program and cultural experience! It is an immersive, rigorous experience, but you will still interact with the other American students on the program. For this reason, it is incredibly important to push yourself to that next level of immersion.

Here is my advice: try immediately to befriend your Italian roommates. Go out of your way to talk to them (in Italian!) and make plans outside the house, too! Try to find something to do in Bologna: a club, dance class, job, internship! Anything to get you out, talking with Italians, and having the opportunity to form new friendships!”

Nina Stemwedel
(BCSP Spring 2016, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Special thanks to Grace Weissend (BCSP Spring 2016, University of Notre Dame) for her participation.

Why I chose BCSP video