Value of Studying in Bologna for a Year – Janis Russell

Janis Russell (BCSP AY 1973-1974, Indiana University) is an acclaimed jazz and blues singer and has performed before President Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II and Nelson Mandela. On February 13, 2017, she attended the Circolo Italiano at Indiana University and talked about her study abroad experience in Bologna.

“Learning another language, learning something from another culture and also being able to go out and experience something else, that’s something you could never get from just sitting here reading a book, reading about the place, reading or kind of learning the language here, and doing it that way. It’s an experience you will never ever forget.”


Janis performed with the African American Choral Ensemble on February 15, 2017, as part of IU’s celebration of Black History Month.


Janis performed with Michael Brusha (BCSP AY 1972-1973, University of Wisconsin) at BCSP’s 50th anniversary luncheon.