Letter to BCSP from Scuola Pepoli English Teachers

“We are English teachers at  IC21- Carlo Pepoli secondary school (middle school) in Bologna.  For the past three years we’ve had students from BCSP collaborate with us in class. We call it a language assistantship. Our pupils are enthusiastic about meeting American students because, for the majority of them, it is the first time they have the opportunity to get to know young mother-tongue speakers and their traditions. Each semester the American students we work with prepare 4-6 engaging cultural lessons, suitable for the age group. We usually provide them with guidance and ideas (American culture and civilization, games, language study) to help develop their lesson plans. Our classrooms are all equipped with interactive boards and internet, and the students make use of this technology to show photos, videos and other visual aids.  The first lesson is always based on the presentation of the BCSP student: their family, home town, interests. The topics for the following lessons depend upon each class, as every teacher is interested in different topics to be developed in her own classes. This type of collaboration is an opportunity for the American students to have a glimpse into the Italian school system. The students develop their own teaching styles. They do their best, and we are satisfied!”

Anna Critelli
Sandra Dal Bosco
Maria Purificato