American Italian Cultural Center – Megan Celona

I work full time at the American Italian Cultural Center (AICC) in downtown New Orleans and I cannot think of a job that could more fully encompass my interest in history and my love for New Orleans and Italy. We are a small organization involved in big things. Our mission is to share the influence that Italians had in Italy, the Americas, and New Orleans in particular. The center is home to the American Italian Museum which follows the migration and assimilation of Sicilians who immigrated to New Orleans between 1880-1920. We also offer Italian language classes, films, lectures, dinners, wine tastings, trips to Italy (Hopefully, the AICC will lead a trip that stops in Bologna soon!), and much more. One of my favorite things we do as an organization is dual citizenship research. Did you know that if you have Italian ancestry, it is often possible to gain Italian dual citizenship? The process is time consuming and requires genealogy research as well as the translation of documents into Italian to be submitted to the Italian Consulate in your jurisdiction, yet conducting this research and translations is one of the most rewarding parts of my job- and helps me to keep practicing my Italian as well!”

Megan Celona
(BCSP AY 2014-15, Tulane University)