Pasta Making Day “Al di la del fiume” Farmhouse

“BCSP took us on a trip to Al di là del fiume, a biodynamic farm outside Bologna where they teach about sustainable farming and cooking practices. As we got off of the bus, we were amazed by the beauty around us.

We first listened to a presentation about the practices of the farm: how they cultivate the land without chemicals and with their mission being to foster the human and environmental welfare for the next generation. Once we had our presentation, we put our cooking aprons on.

We made Tagliatelle, a traditional Bolognese dish.  This day I will always remember among the highlights of my time here in Italy. It was exciting! The excitement came not only from learning how to cook something new, but connecting to Italy in an even more profound way.

Food is culture. Food is life. So what we were doing here was far more than participating in the culture of Italy: we were LIVING the life of Italy.

This is the first step in truly living in Italy, not just residing in Italy. And I loved every moment of it!”

Gregory Jenn
(BCSP Spring 2017, University of Notre Dame)