Guided Tours with Jacob Schmalz


Jacob Schmalz (BCSP AY 2015-16, Indiana University) interned at Bologna’s Medieval Museum under the guidance of BCSP professor, Giancarlo Benevolo, and lent his linguistic and writing skills to two major art exhibits.

For the exhibit Tra la vita e la morte (12/12/2015 – 3/28/2016), which focused on the history of the founding of Bologna’s most important hospitals, Jacob translated the didactic panels from Italian to English. He learned about the origins of confraternities, or religious brotherhoods, throughout the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

During the spring semester student orientation Jacob gave a guided tour in Italian for his peers, which extended beyond the exhibit Tra la vita e la morte to include University of Bologna history.

Professor Benevolo curated the exhibit Bologna 1116. Dalla Rocca imperiale alla città del Comune (3/18/2016-7/17/2016), part of Concives 1116-2016, a program of events celebrating 900 years since the founding of the municipality of Bologna, and Jacob was once again his trusted translator. Jacob gave a guided tour of the exhibit on Saturday morning, May 28, for BCSP alumni during BCSP’s 50th anniversary weekend.