Searching for Italian Relatives in Italy – Alex White

AlexWhite_familySicily“I always knew that I had Italian roots, but I never thought I would have the pleasure of finding those roots at the source: Fiumedinisi, Sicilia. With only a city name and the surname Pino, my Mom, sister, and I became geneaology sleuths. Our city of origin only has 1,500 people and there are 0 restaurants. It’s truly tiny. I walked up to two men sitting in one of the two piazzas in the town and asked if they knew the name Pino. Not only did they know the name Pino, they walked me and my family over to the other piazza, and introduced us to our relatives. From there, I spent the day drinking wine that our relatives made in their own vineyard, eating 18 pizzas for 16 people, and translating the Sicilian dialect into English the best I could. We had the amazing opportunity to see the cemetery where our great- and great-great-grandfathers were buried as well as tracing parts of our family tree that had been lost to us in America. It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the day, but we left knowing that we had loving family who would welcome us with open hearts and wine bottles as soon as we are able to return.”
(Alex is front row center wearing a red t-shirt.)

Alex White
(BCSP Spring 2015, University of Notre Dame)