Organizing your academic life in Bologna

At the beginning of each semester, the Resident Director, Dr. Andrea Ricci, holds two academic meetings, one general and one individual, during which students are informed about the most important aspects of their academic lives in Bologna. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory. Students receive comprehensive hand outs, calendars, syllabi, library cards. Students are encouraged to meet with Dr. Ricci throughout the semester to discuss the specific aspects of their study plans.

An additional general academic meeting is held mid-semester in the BCSP office, and each student has the opportunity to review questions about how to prepare for UNIBO exams, how to approach each professor, what strategy to adopt to better perform during an oral exam, etc.



How to find a professor’s web page

Go to UNIBO website

Click on “Rubrica d’Ateneo”

Type the last name of the professor (cognome)

Click on the link next to “web”

On the professor’s web page you will find: contact information, department and school affiliations and a complete list of classes taught during the current academic year (insegnamenti)

Click on the course you are interested in to see the syllabus (programma)


How to find a course syllabus

If you know the name of the course:

Go to:

Type the name of the class in the search box

If you know the name of the professor:

Click on “Rubrica d’Ateneo”

Type the name of the professor

Click on the link next to “web”

Select “insegnamenti” from the menu on the left

Select the name of the class you want to take


How to find a book in the library system

Go to Catalogo Opac

Insert the title, name of author, or other information


BCSP courses



How to avoid academic problems

Students should check-in with their departmental advisor on campus about the courses they are taking, especially if they are completing units for your major/minor requirements. Contact the Resident Director in Bologna, Dr. Andrea Ricci, with uncertainties regarding the content or schedule of classes.

In order to sign up for an UNIBO exam, students need to be registered with Almaesami. The UNIBO professor verbalizes the final grade online and on the exam card (libretto).

Before leaving Bologna, by June 30th, all of the following documents must be turned in to Dr. Ricci:

– UNIBO libretto (exam card that professors sign with grade and exam date)

– Course evaluations for all classes taken, and the BCSP program evaluation

Remember: if these documents are not turned in by June 30th, the process of transferring grades to the home campus cannot be completed.