Students take a combination of University of Bologna and BCSP courses. The academic mission of BCSP focuses on providing students an authentic experience. Students appreciate the balance of independence and academic advising that BCSP offers.

BCSP students fulfill the same requirements as Italian students at the University of Bologna. Grades at UNIBO are based entirely on the final oral (or sometimes written) exam. Study at UNIBO requires self-discipline and willingness to adapt to the Italian university system because lectures may or may not follow assigned readings, and professors do not provide outlines for exams. Usually the professor-student relationship is distant and formal. However, BCSP students are encouraged to present themselves to their UNIBO professors and bring constructive questions to the professor during office hours. At UNIBO students are tested at the professor’s discretion on all or any aspect of course material and lecture content. It is important to pace studying throughout the semester, since it is impossible to cram and be prepared for an UNIBO exam.

BCSP courses are taught by Italian professors, who come from the Italian university system. However, the course structure resembles the American university style. BCSP professors follow the syllabus and know their students by name. BCSP grades are based on attendance, class participation, mid-terms and finals. Some BCSP courses may require participation in excursions or presentations of group projects.

All instruction is in the Italian language.

BCSP students take a minimum of 15 credits per semester (for a total of 30 credits for the academic year). Students from institutions using different credit systems (units or quarters) should consult their home school academic advisors for equivalencies to semester hour requirements. Students from BCSP member institutions earn residence credit from their home schools. Students from associate member and non-member schools receive an Indiana University transcript.