The Bologna Consortial Studies Program offers its students the option of combining University of Bologna and BCSP courses. While the majority of Unibo courses are based on professors’ lectures and oral exams, BCSP courses are structured following a more American style syllabus with mid-terms, finals, participation, attendance, and a more personal relationship with the professor.

The academic mission of this program focuses on giving American students an authentic experience, fulfilling the same requirements as Italian students. This requires self-discipline together with an effort to integrate responsibly into the system.

The great majority of students who come to study in Bologna appreciate the balance of independence and assistance that this program offers on all levels.

Students attend a pre-session course in Bologna to improve their command of Italian and facilitate their adjustment to life in Bologna and at the university. They then enroll in one or two regular University of Bologna courses with Italian students as well as take courses in language, culture, art history, film studies, and history arranged by the BCSP for program students. All instruction in program courses is in Italian.

All BCSP students are required to take a minimum of 15 credits per semester (for a total of 30 credits for the year). Students from institutions using different credit systems (units or quarters) should consult their home school academic advisors for equivalencies to these semester hour requirements.

At Unibo the academic year is divided into two semesters, each of which can be subdivided into two additional periods, called moduli or cicli. Based on this format, courses will be offered in the following configuration:

– Intensive Semester (listed as I or II semester)

– Modulo or Ciclo (I, II, III, IV ciclo, offered either as part of an intensive semester course or as an independent course)

These cicli are listed according to their place in the academic calendar: ciclo I and II in the «fall» term, which normally runs until the end of December, just before the holiday break, and ciclo III and IV in the «spring» term, usually from early February until mid May. Exams will be scheduled at different times for different courses.

Academic Credit
Students from BCSP member institutions earn residence credit from their home schools; students from associate member and non-member schools receive an Indiana University transcript.