Why choose BCSP

BCSP is a full-immersion, language-focused study abroad program in Bologna: Italy’s college town. While the program welcomes students from many universities in the United States, an independent approach to study abroad is encouraged.

BCSP is unique because students are fully engaged linguistically, academically and socially in the local culture and university life. They live exclusively with Italian students and enroll directly in University of Bologna courses. Courses taught by Italian university professors are also offered in the BCSP office.

Students choose BCSP with the goal of living an authentic experience and becoming highly proficient, or fluent, in the language. The program’s philosophy of linguistic and cultural immersion, paired with rigorous academics, and a specialized focus on the country of Italy, makes this goal tangible. The BCSP staff provides the guidance and resources necessary to live like an Italian student in Italy. Many students succeed in integrating into the academic and local lifestyle, while gaining more self-confidence and widening their horizons.

Un linguaggio diverso è una diversa visione della vita.” – Federico Fellini

(“A different language is a different vision of life.”)