What they say about us

Comments by previous students & parents:

“I have seen firsthand the differences between the BCSP program in Bologna and other study abroad programs in Italy. Now that I am at the end of my academic year, I appreciate the genuine, full-immersion experience that I had through BCSP. When you choose to come to Bologna, you choose the real deal. You choose not only to study in Bologna, but to live in Bologna. You are able to build a real life with real Italians starting from finding your own apartment. Even with the guidance of the program, I never felt like an American living an American lifestyle never getting to fully know Italy. Instead, I felt like a genuine part of Italian life and culture in Bologna. I lived like a local. I was in the trenches alongside the Italian students at the oral exams. I was invited to Italian friends’ birthday parties, graduation parties and their homes. My experience was in no way artificial, and I am proud of my accomplishments both academically and personally. I can go home to the U.S. sincerely saying I lived in Italy. I’m going home knowing that I will always have a second home in Italy.”

“My daughter returned in June from your BCSP program. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience she had. It wasn’t her first time in Europe or Italy, but it was such an exceptional time for her and I believe that it was in large part due to the program she attended. The organizations both here and abroad were really stellar, and in particular the staff in Italy, with whom she had much more contact, were wonderful. They were caring and interested but not intrusive. I never worried about her being there for a year, knowing she was well taken care of, or better yet, if she needed help they were there but left her on her own when advantageous. I have read some disparaging articles about study abroad programs recently and wanted you to know I have nothing but good things to say about yours.”

“I am so grateful to this program. I have learned so many new things about Italy and Italians that no class back home can teach you.  I have made friends here that I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life, and my Italian has improved tremendously!  I am seriously thinking about coming back to Bologna to teach English and study to become an English-Italian interpreter. All of these new interests and people in the my life would not have been possible without BCSP.”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about BCSP. You give students support when needed but also let us find our way in this country. I had heard good things about BCSP but I have been blown away. Thank you all for making this the most incredible and life changing year yet.”

“The Director and the staff are all such nice and mellow people. Their presence, always a calm one, and the little tips given about the how-tos of living in Italy were appreciated. This program has indeed achieved its goal of leaving everything ultimately up to the student, in the sense that it is the student who finds their individual niche here, who must find their way academically, socially, personally. At the end, one truly feels that they have lived Italy.”

“This program is perfect. It is very unique from other programs in that it allows for maximum integration and interaction with real Italian student life. The fact that we find our own housing is such a good thing as it allows us to find a door into Italian student life and have freedom in our choices. This program gave me exactly what I wanted which was a liaison to set up my experience here without dominating and over-structuring it. This program gave me the freedom I wanted but at the same time was always available with generous help when I needed it. This program is the best one in Italy!”